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Our Mission

“My goal for you as the student is to finish our economics programmes aware that you are entirely capable of studying and understanding all aspects of economics. I would like this to be an experience where you truly enjoy visiting our classroom and every time you leave, you feel you are better informed for having visited.”
Gary Wade, Head of Teaching, Global School of Economics.


Meet your Teacher


The GSE strives to simplify all aspects of the Economic discipline within Econometrics, Financial Economics, Macro and Microeconomics enabling the student to achieve more while studying independently.

Founder Gary Wade has previously lectured the Economics Programme as part of the Global MBA for Edinburgh Business School having previously lectured Economics for both University College Cork and University of Limerick respectively.

An Economics Degree and Masters level graduate from University College Cork, Gary Wade is also an internationally published academic in the area of Econometric analysis and a former winner of the Government of Ireland (IRCHSS) Scholarship as well as the University of Limerick Registrar’s Scholarship in Economics.

As a result of over 15 years University and independent teaching across an array of Economic, Econometric and Statistical frameworks, Gary Wade is one of Ireland’s most experienced Economics instructors.

In 2019, Gary Wade acted as Chief Economics Advisor to the Irish Schools Economics Team which competed in the International Economic Olympiad in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is a global competition where the most effective economics students in the world participate in a four-day competition to establish the most outstanding students in the world. This Irish team made a little bit of history with two students returning home to Ireland with bronze medals.

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