Gary Wade keynote address at European Youth Parliament, 2020

If you are interested in watching a recent address I gave at the European Youth Parliament, you can view it here.

In times like these, when our society faces unprecedented uncertainty, it is almost always our nurses and the police force that we turn to. Yet, we never pay them what they deserve. Even though they are quite literally the fabric of our society.

Maybe when the present COVID-19 pandemic has passed, we will resurrect stronger values. Maybe we will pay nurses and the police force what they are worth. Maybe these young, future leaders of Europe will one day bring such values to society.

Maybe they will promote empathy and positivity. Maybe for example they will ban tabloid invasion and we will all have a better sense of community across the globe rather than one of division. I certainly hope so.

This talk is based upon one thing. Empathy. What we all need to realise more than ever is that empathy is what can save the world. Never has it been more evident than right now.

Thank you to European Youth Parliament Ireland for the invitation to speak at this event. It was a pleasure to be involved.

Take care.

Gary Wade


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